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Georgia SEO Company

Search engine optimization is crucial for the success of any business that is looking to expand into online markets. For the businesses operating in Georgia, it is important to approach a trusted and reputed Georgia SEO company to get best services at highly completive price. Being a leading Georgia SEO company, we offer full range of white hat SEO services that range from site structure analysis to keyword optimization, link building, PPC and a lot more.

A website’s structure may have flaws that prevent it from ranking on the top positions of search engines. Our experts will analyze the below elements of your website’s structure to make it SEO friendly.

Site Structure Analysis

XML Sitemap: The sitemap lists all the pages that you want the search engine to index. We will make sure that it has all the relevant pages and they are neatly organized too.

Robots.txt: This file prevents the search engine crawlers from indexing the pages that you do not want the public to view. We will see that it doesn’t show up wrong page or hide the right ones.

Indexed Status: Pages meeting certain quality criteria are indexed by the search engines. These pages are ranked by the Google, and help in getting more traffic to your website. We optimize your website pages for proper indexing.

Site Errors: Common site errors include 4XX errors, missing title tags, duplicate page and title tags, blocked crawlers, etc. Our experts will fix all errors on your website in a systematic way.

Meta Elements: Duplicate site content, meta description and title tags can have negative effect on the click-through rate and ranking of a business website. We optimize all these meta elements of a website to ensure that it is ranked high by the search engines.

Page Speed: Users are always impatient, with multiple of sites available to them on their smart phone, it takes them just seconds to abandon your website and move to your competitor’s. Slow page loading speed results in user-frustration, so we ensure that your website loads fast.

Other key elements of our SEO services include the below ones:

Mobile SEO: With more and more people searching for products and services on their mobile, it has become crucial for the businesses to have a responsive website design. Our experts will optimize your website for mobile searches and easy viewing by the audience.

Local SEO: When users search the internet for particular area, search engines pull up a geographic map from the local business listing with useful contact and directional information. We do Local Business Listing for your website so that you get more business from the locals in Georgia.

Web Marketing Analytics: We study your customer’s behavior, their preferences, demographics and a lot more while conducting a comprehensive analysis of your business’s key analytics data. This data will help us come up with customized strategies to get you more traffic and better conversions.