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We have compiled the most common questions from our customers in several sections. If you cannot find an answer you are looking for here, please feel free to email us at info@idealvisibility.com or call our toll free number.


Depending on the service you have, we will either bill you monthly or contractually. For services like SEO, PPC, SMM, we typically bill you in the beginning of the month.

Your first charge for the service(s) will include the setup fee and your first month. For other type of projects such as web development, logo design, etc we will bill you based on contractual agreement.

To setup a campaign take a lot of time, planning, and we are making an investment in your business. We want to insure that your campaign is properly setup for success and we assign skilled and certified individuals to insure that we do everything possible to understand your business and setup your campaign properly.

No. Our prices are listed and you will not be charged more or less. If you choose to refund for whatever reason, we can only cancel your next month payment. There is a 10% cancelation fee per contract.

For any changes to your plan, please contact billing@idealyisibility.com with your request.

Choosing A Service

We recommend you fill out the quote request form. This will allow one of our Ideal Team Members to fully understand your goals and objectives to tailor the right program for your needs.

We recommend having a plan for both. They are two different marketing tools you should be taking advantage of that will bring more traffic to your website

A new website is not necessary for PPC campaigns or driving traffic. However, you may want to consider what a new website will bring to your goals in terms of conversions. What will happen when people visit your existing website? Do you feel the customer will complete the goal you wish once they do visit your existing site?


For PPC, the traffic is instant and you pay based on visitor. It tipically takes us a few days to get everything setup and we have a final consultation with you before launch. With SEO, to achieve your goals, it is a longer process that will take a lot of back admin work, as well as daily promotional work. However, once we achieve some results within 6 months, you will see the benefit of more visitors, greater conversions, and ideal progress.

Within the first month. your PPC campaigns will definately bring you traffic and customers. You will see progress and we will adjust for the months ahead.

For SEO, your fist month is basically a tot of back admin preparation. We prepare your website for launch for a solid SEO campaign.

SEO results typically starting happening in months 3 or 4 where your site starts ranking on search engines.

In this industry, it is impossible to guarantee results based on the formats of this advertising. AdWords is an auction based advertising system that fluctuates in position, while with SEO we are at the mercy of search engine algorithms so ranking will jump from time to time We however employ knowledgeable and certified staff to stay on top of your campaigns to insure a desired outcome.

Why Ideal Visibility

We are experienced. Our staff is certified in Adwords and SEO and we actually care about growing your business to get you the results you deserve.

Yes, Ideal Visibility employs Adwords Certified individuals and has been recognized by numerous companies in the online community as a trustworthy and reliable Digital Marketing Agency.