Emoticons are part of our world since the growth of the social media and they do play an important role in our communications as representations of our feelings and emotions. Some of the blog writers and SEO experts still express concerns about the usage of the emoticons and are wondering if they are a good fit for the brand image in the social media but it seems that the emoticons make the brand appear friendlier.

Here are the facts that the SEO experts from Ideal Visibility share about the emoticons and how they help the brands grow in popularity:

1. Emoticons make the brand more popular on all social media channels.
The usage of positive emoticons in the social media status is good for the image. These images provoke high performance and stronger reaction from the followers.

2. The reaction to the emoticons is similar to the reaction towards the human face.
The reactions that the emoticon provokes are similar to the reaction to the human face and that is why the emoticons are a good way for reaching out to the brand’s followers. The emoticons have turned into a new form of language and decoding them provokes a new form of brain activity.

3. The emoticons are acceptable even in business settings.
Some people think that the emoticons do not seem professional in office communication, but that might be true in certain industries, but not in all of them. The smiley faces make people feel more liked and appreciated.

4. The emoticons soften the critique.
When there is a critique or feedback that is not positive, then the brand can react with an emoticon. Each critique that comes with a positive emoticon is perceived better.

5. The emoticons in the content writing make the brand appear friendlier.
Each communication with emoticons makes the author and the brand appear more competent.

6. The emoticons make the workplace happier.
Often the emails are accepted in a more negative way that they were intended to be written, as the readers cannot see the facial expressions of the author and do not know how the interpret the text. Now with the emails that can happen. When used, the emoticons give the text a better tone.

7. The power of emoticons to make you happy.
Several studies have shown that the emoticons have the power to make authors and readers happy. They have positive effect on the richness of information, on the usefulness of the txt, on the personal interaction.

So, what do the SEO experts think about the usage of emoticons? It seems that the emoticons have their place in the content writing. They make the text richer and provoke a response, especially when parts of the text are shared on the social media channels. The emoticons are not only for fun, but they add value to the communication methods. Do you use emoticons in the content writing you create and in the comments you leave in the social media? Have you noticed the changes that the emoticons bring in the communication?