There are usually a lot of trends and events on social media. But we’ve come up with a list of our finest predictions for 2019. This post is a well-curated list of what you should expect on social media. 2019 holds some juicy trends, updates, and new ideas that have come to stay.

Predictions 1: Genuine Contents Will be the new charm

From time past, a lot of companies, online businesses, and websites have a problem with posting authentic and genuine information. It’s good to know that a lot of them have learned a great deal from this falsity. Most of them have lost customers and clients due to the credibility that they lack but 2019 promises to be a year of change.

Authenticity and genuineness of content determine the turn up of consumers. This is one of the values we have realized from our survey. For content to be viewed as genuine, brands must be ready to:

  • Learn the habit of honesty and transparency. Do away with shiny filters and fake pictures. The product should be placed in a real and natural environment.
  • Work more on developing engaging contents. Create a posting schedule. In 2019, people want to participate in engaging and interactive activities on the internet.

Prediction 2: The Power Of Storytelling

The greatest benefit of any website will get from storytelling is a personal connection with its audience. Learning the art of storytelling can help you connect with your audience on a more personal level. It can also assist you in developing genuine contents.

Some brands have actually been making use of storytelling to project their services to people, but 2019 is going to witness more of that. Many brands are looking to take social media by storm with the act of storytelling. Storytelling is a remarkable way of marketing; it makes it pretty easy for consumers to understand your mission. You can also support your storytelling with a carousel.

Prediction 3: Driving engagement through user-generated content

This is the best tool any business can use to generate social media engagement. Even if people think you are only trying to sell your products and services with your sweet and captivating marketing contents, they will definitely have a different thought about user-generated content.

User-Generated content is synonymous to reviews. Your business can benefit a lot from having your customers tell a story about your products or services. A good reason why a lot of businesses are looking to implement this in 2019 is that customers respond better and value the recommendation of another customer. Right now in 2019, user-generated contents are very important for every business’s growth.

User-generated content is as simple as telling a customer to help you put up a story about how they came about your products and what they have benefited so far. This could be put up on several social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Prediction 4: The best of Micro Influencer and Digital PR

Micro influencing is the next big thing in social media. 2019 will witness a lot of micro influencing. Wait for the reasons.

It’s an effective way to reach out to a large audience. Every business or website looking to generate more traffic should try micro influencing. Micro-influencers are those with a large number of followers on different social media platforms. They can help you push out your brand excellently.

Another great thing about micro influencing is that it generates product leads. What you’d expect in return is to make sales from your products and services and not just popularity. Micro influencing and digital PR can definitely make this happen. More traffic, more customers, more profit.

Prediction 5: Social media will be flooded with creative campaigns

While some people will continue posting selfies and random statuses, a lot of brands will do more with campaigns. It’s true that a lot of brands make use of campaigns but there’s a need to get creative with those campaigns in 2019.

Campaigns are an effective way for great traffic. Focusing on social media campaigns can appeal to the audience to check out your website, download your app or file, project your services and improve your presence. So, if you are looking to build social engagement with a large number of people, campaigns will help you fast.

Whatever platform you intend to start your campaign on, you need to have a good strategy. Consider using tools like WooBox, it is used to build social contents. Another hot info is that you shouldn’t limit your use of hashtags; it can help you shine to the world. Be sure that your contents are updated frequently. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn are a great platform to spread your campaign.

Prediction 6: Many Brands will take to technology update. 

New tools like Altered Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are good ways keep up with changing trends. Did you know that these new technologies are a great a way for marketers to etch their names in people’s heart?

It’s good to move when the world moves; you don’t remain on a spot. For a business to etch its name in the heart of people, it has to be a fore frontier in the use of technology and every new feature on any social media platform. We say that 2019 will witness a great turn around. Everyone needs to make use of the new technology update, VR OR AR. This update is still new, but you can do well to experiment it first.

Prediction 7: Live videos and stories

Since the live video was started, it has been a continuous and a main part of social media. There is the Facebook live stream that has made Facebook more interesting since it started out. Another good thing about lifestream is that your audience or followers get to watch your video longer than normal and the comment session is always buzzing with messages.

What we love about the live video is that it is one the genuine contents that we expect in 2019. It’s also a good social media marketing strategy. You are projecting your brand live and everything happening around you is seen at the moment. There is no better way to connect with your audience than live videos. We anticipate more of it in 2019.

Prediction 8: Pay-per-click on social media

Although PPC on social media is relatively new it has a good growth on social platforms. PPC gives business owners the opportunity to generate great leads and conversion.

Businesses can use LinkedIn to sponsor their posts, Facebook ads with creating a good background for sponsored InMail.  It’s great for B2B and you also get to choose an effective strategy.

Tips for doing better in 2019

  • Give identity to your brand. Find a perfect style that works well with your brand. Use the same tone so that people recognize your post easily.
  • Make use of social sharing button that commands people to follow you and take necessary actions.
  • Businesses and companies should make use of Instagram more. Instagram is a great platform to reach a lot of people. It has rapidly become one the most important and popular social media platforms.