Creating a successful Paid Search Campaign is not a piece of cake and requires certain knowledge and practice. There are also different tips that can be applied for reaching good results and making a useful paid search engine.

Set Up Sitelinks and Different Other Extensions
The sitelink extensions are additional lines of text, which appear in the ad and thus direct the users to other inner pages of the website besides the main landing page. These sitelinks boost the CTR and are very useful for the pay per click campaigns. Among the ad extensions are call extensions, location extensions, callout extensions, etc.

Monitor the Day and Time Performance
The ads show different performance during the different days and hours. When the experts monitor the trends, they are able to find out the moments when they should put the ads on pause, reduce the buds or on the contrary – increase the bids. When the performance is monitored, a useful analysis of the campaign can be done.

Make Test on the Landing Page
The success of the marketing campaigns often depends on the good landing page. The different content of that landing page influences the conversion rate reached. The elements of the landing page that need to be tested include text on the pages, call to actions, video usage, images, even the colors of the buttons.

Organize Good Targeting for the Display Campaigns
The display campaigns can be excellent source of traffic, however thy can become very expensive and also ineffective if not made correctly. The targeting of the display campaigns can be multiple, as the expert can choose the keywords, the interest, the topics, the placement, etc. The best display campaigns combine one or several methods in order to maximize the effectiveness of the budget for advertising.

Organize Conversion Tracking
Every Pay Per Click campaign should come with the option of tracking the conversions, as otherwise the chances for the campaign to be successful are reduced. With the conversion tracking the expert can find out which ads and campaigns are brining good results.

Testing the Remarketing
The advertising strategy remarketing features advertising to people that have already been to the website. With that strategy the expert can exclude the people who have visited the website and converted in. In this way no budget will be wasted. The experts can use a remarketing code and make a plan for a remarketing campaign.

Apply Google Analytics
A truly helpful source for each paid search campaign is the Google Analytics. It can help the SEO expert and the owners of each website find out how the visitors on the website behave. Google Analytics will reveal if the visitors are staying enough time on the web pages, and if certain pages cause a high exit rate, as well as if the traffic source provokes better performance. The Google AdWords and Analytics account should be linked to track the AdWords traffic directly in the Analytics interface.
A well-organized Paid Search Campaign can do a lot for the business, so give it a try!