Google is making tests and is releasing new features in AdWards all the time. In fact, hundreds of new features are being offered each year – some of them being quit effective and others – not. The useful features and tools in AdWords that make a huge impact and should be applied,

have been collected here for the convenience of the user.

Google AdWords Editor
The desktop Google AdWords Editor already proved to be very useful, especially after its major update in December 2014. The editing is fast to be made and bulk tests can be edited very easily.

Ad Customizers
The Ad Customizers are a new technology that Google uses, which enables the SEO experts to adapt the text in their ads on the basis of the search query of the users. For example, by using the Ad Customizers can be created limited time offers with a countdown. Such ads talk to the clients, telling them – ‘that is a limited offer and you have to act quick!’ The ad customize is dynamic and it automatically changes the parameters of the ads.

Thanks to the Ad Customizer now can be created numerous multi product sales, where the different products come with different discounts.

App Promotion Ads
The apps are very important for the business today and are definitely a trend in Google. Now it could be used the Google search app install ad. That is a nice way to give the clients more in terms of shopping. The app promotion ads are not just in Google search. In fact, they can be seen throughout the Google Display Network.

Callout Extensions
These extensions are tricky, but still useful. These are similar to the site link extensions, yet in this case there is no link. The extensions work as call to action and they represent a new line of descriptive text that ad to the description of the offerings. This helps the ads to be more easily noticed. The callout extensions can be used in combination with the site links.

Call Tracking
The mobile connection has become very important in 2014 and 2015 until that moment and now makes it to 50 % of all the searches that are made on Google. When a user clicks on the click-to –call button, Google allowed the owner to see details such as duration of the call, the place that the call was made from, etc. Now, the calls can be tracked.

Last year Google introduced the website call conversations and now when people find a certain website using the search ads, the number of the website is forwarded and the call can be tracked. By keeping in mind the phone-through rates, the cost per phone call and the other metrics, the experts can make a better optimization of the account. These call tracking numbers are applied for the desktop and for the mobile users.

Using these new AdWords Tools and Features will improve the competitiveness of the ads and will bring many new clicks and eventually clients.