Content managers and SEO experts are all unanimous that the video blogging is the winning formula in the presentations today, in case it is properly done and with a nice sense of humor.

It is a fact that YouTube has one billion users today that are active and the other video sharing platforms also have millions of registered users, which mean that video blogging can be very powerful. The content marketers today can use the video content platforms to promote their messages. Ideal Visibility experts reveal the main aspects of the video blogging:

Vision – the expert has to select where he wants to vlog, since there are many video content platforms. The videos can be uploaded and shard on Facebook, but the natural choice are the video sharing platforms like YouTube, as there the authors of content can own and operate channels of their own. In order for a video to go viral and to bring profit, it should be uploaded in platforms like YouTube or Vine. The choice is between personal or business accounts and these channels can be connected to the website for better visibility.

Use Vine – Vine is the newest platform that content markers can use in order to create video content. It has been found in 2012 and was later acquired by Twitter to be launched later as a free app. The platform now has an Android version but is best for the mobile environment. The setup is simple and the usage of the platform is very easy. The accounts on Vine and on YouTube should have memorable names, should include social links, short description, playlists, trailer, proper keywords, display with the number of subscribers and they should be verified.

Be You – before starting vlogging, the content producers should ask themselves what is special about them and their personality. They should try to be funny and likeable. They should try to discuss new topics and do that with wit and charm. These efforts will turn them into influencers. The search engine optimization and research are a good places to start looking for interesting topics for video content.

Optimize the Direction – YouTube is currently considered to be the second largest search engine in the world and for that reason the vlogging will be very good for the image of each business. The search engine data is what the content creators should use. The content creators can also set up video transcripts to support the search engines and that is one of the easiest ways in which the viewers can find the content. The meta data including title, tags, description, subtitles, etc. should be paid attention. The usage of call-response framework is also important. The vloggers are also in the position to create a direct response to the searches in internet in order to attract new traffic.

The heart of the Visual content – The uses interact with content they like. The visual content is much richer than the simple text. That is why that visual aspect has to be properly used. It should be fun and memorable, and it should be associated with the brand. The good visual content should make the users share it, care about the message and swear that it is worth it.