The changes made by the search engines Google and Bing usually affect the pay per click advertising campaigns. Usually the changes have something to do with the changes in the pay per click industries the strategies of the search engine developers,

as well as the behavior of the users. There are certain pay per click trends and techniques that the experts from Ideal Visibility would like you to pay attention to. Find out which they are.

Mobile is the New King
Mobile is the new normal as people are spending around two hours a day on the mobile devices, tablets or smartphones. That is why the content should be optimized for these devices and the pay per click advertisers will see more of the mobile clicks in the years ahead.

What does this mean to the SEO experts? This means that the landing page content should be geared to promote conversions. The landing pages need to have features that will improve the experience of the users. The landing pages should also load very quickly. They should have short forms, clickable telephone numbers, content which is directly to the point, minimalistic graphic design. All these changes will guarantee a pleasant experience. The conversion rates will be increased if the landing page is easy to use.

Knowing the Audience Makes Things Easier
The pay per click advertising experts are now in the position to track the performance of the end users. Thanks to the personal targeting, they can better understand who is using the website and how the users interact with the information provided. These analyses can improve the content and the service provided to the end users.

The End of the Keywords
Microsoft and Google are now working to improve the user experience and the two companies are making search results being more responsive. They try to understand the intent behind the search and not just pay attention to the words typed in the request. This is a move to the so called semantic search by Google, which aims to analyze the relations between the words. The keywords are still important, yet the advertisers will watch for their density, the embedded links, etc.

Content is Always No 1
The content keeps its position as King. Both Google and Bing change their search engine algorithms to improve the natural language searches. That is why the original content is more important than ever. The web advertising strategies provoke companies to create informative and useful content which will add value to the audience and will encourage the visitors to return to the website. Some companies do that through the blogs, others trough regular and helpful advice on their pages in the social media.

The Rise of the Video Ads
The video ads are becoming more important, as they can capture images of the company, present the people working in the company and thus give a human face to the business. That is strongly appreciated by the users. The ads that reveal the users how the products are being created, form a sense of intimacy that is greatly appreciated by the users.