Bing Ads are quite useful and cannot only increase the traffic to one’s website but also be altered depending on information and metrics received in order to reach the proper audience and to result in sales. Mark Irvine, a data scientist from WordStream data has recently ranked the twenty

most expensive and competitive keywords used in the Bing Ads. During the analysis have been checked around 10 million keywords and were grouped in categories. The results showed that the most expensive keywords have something to do with the legal world and they are: lawyer, attorney, structured settlement, where the pay per click reaches 110 USD.

So, is there a chance for an advertiser to reach a top ad ranking when in a very competitive industry? Which are the tactics that should be used to target the market and do not cost a fortune? Here are some tactics that work on Bing Ads platforms and on the Google AdWords platforms.

  • Be careful with the selection of keywords and get rid of the negative keywords. This could be a very simple and easy to use practice, where the negative keywords are eliminated and useful ones are picked instead. Sometimes the negative keywords also work but their ratio should be much lower than that of the other keywords.
  • Use the bid modifiers based on geographic location. In this way you will be able to bid more for the searches which are within the proximity of the business and bid less for searches which are in towns far away. Those companies that are selling online, should get into priority the value and the customer lifetime value zones.
  • The experts should also make a good use of the bid modifiers like time of day. More bids should be made during the day and during the week and less – during the night and during the weekends. That is so as the calls and inquiries that come from the clicks would be answered quickly by the staff when they are within the business hours. Naturally, the food companies will get more clicks and call if they make higher bids in the evenings and during the weekends when people tend to order food more often. No bids should be placed when the office is closed.
  • Further to be used are the mobile bid modifiers. It has been proven that the mobile calls and clicks convert better than the clicks to websites. However, the mobile CTR drops off quicker when it is in the low positions on the mobile devices compared to the lower position on the desktop or tablets. The experts should also make certain changes on the mobile bid for what is to be paid for on mobile.
  • Another way for an advertiser to reach a top ad ranking is to make changes to the offer. With the received metrics, the experts can make improvements that can later lead to increased quality score, CTR and conversion rate. The more compelling and creative the ad is, the better results it will bring.