SEO specialists know that there is a difference between the two terms – keyword and query when content writing is on focus. The knowledge of that difference helps the SEO experts get better at their work. So, check what the Ideal Visibility experts say about the two terms.

The Keywords
The keywords are the exact words that the SEO experts are targeting in the organic search campaigns and the paid search campaigns. The keywords are very important in the pay per click campaigns and they define the strategies. The keywords are used by the search engine optimization experts.

The Queries
This is what the use types in when making an online search. Queries often have misspellings and in some cases they are corrected by Google, while in other cases it doesn’t.

The Difference
The main difference between the queries and the keywords is in the person who uses them. The keywords are used by the SEO marketers and the queries are used by the users. The users are trying to find information and they do not care about the keyword targets of the companies. The marketers try various keywords that they hope the users will type as query. In other words, the keyword is what the SEO expert is targeting and the query is what the user will actually type.

Using that Information
The SEO experts can put that knowledge into practice. They can target the keywords but broaden them into queries. These are sets of phrases and words that the companies want to get good ranking for. The best traffic sources come from the conventional queries the users are making. The research queries are used to discover the proper keywords. Among the wisest forms of research is to discover what queries are being made by the users. That can be done with one of the Google Webmaster Tools, which drive traffic. There the SEO experts should search for “Search Traffic” and “Search Queries” and they will see the information. That data will be limited, as it will present only the real queries that have brought users to the website.

Another tool that the SEO experts can apply is to gain search query ideas through Google autocomplete feature. It is built in the search functionality – these are the prompts of the various searches made. One the typing of the query begins in the search box, these searches come in a list below as suggestions. These autocomplete predictions are generated automatically by an algorithm and there is no human involvement in them. The algorithm is based on many factors such as how often the users have searched for the term. This autocomplete algorithm can the users make a broad research.

Final Words
The difference between the two terms “query” and “keyword” is small, but important and it should be known by the SEO expert for the successful making of the campaigns. The SEO specialists should always try and put themselves in the shoes of the users, trying to find out how these users think and what they are searching for.