On certain holidays and special events the interest of the users towards certain services and products grows higher. The holiday season, the interesting events cause excitement and that should be taken advantage of. This is what Ideal Visibility experts say about the preparation and schedule of the special events that the SEO experts should follow.

  1. Set Goals, Budget and Strategy.

SEO experts can set their program at any time of the year. Planning ahead is often the key to success and it should start with the special events coming up. Once the events are set, the budget needs to be sorted out for each of the campaigns. Then come the ideas and this is where the SEO experts should put their heads together. This is not the time to come up with detailed plan, but just draw sketches of what is ahead.

  1. Make Keyword Research.

The keyword research should be made approximately four months before the event. The SEO experts usually have an idea of what the potential customers are looking for. And now they should narrow the search to the phrases that the users might actually type when they are looking for information for a certain event. It is the task of the SEO experts to find short and longer phrases that will target the users at the different stages of the process.

  1. Create the Content.

The content for the events can be organized two months before the actual event. The SEO experts can create the content and the landing pages, which will give the text time to mature and the pages – time to start ranking. SEO experts will also have enough time to go back to the content and improve it.

These specialists know that they will perform better when:

  • They create just one landing page per event.
  • They make a blog and ad the event related content there.
  • When they make a generic URL, which is related to the event but has no date as that will ensure longer life of the page.
  • When they test the page before the event.
  1. Promote the Content.

The content promotion should start around two months before the event. This is the time when the SEO experts should start using every opportunity to promote the event, the content and the seasonal offer. The channels to do so are several: the social media, the emails, the pay per click campaigns, the blog posts, the seasonal sites.

  1. Make a Post-Event.

The post-event strategies are very important too. When the event is over, the seasonal landing page will sharply drop in traffic. Yet, the SEO experts can keep the seasonal landing live by placing new information, set a list with new and relevant products, etc.

With all that being set, there is one thing of great importance – the special events should be prepared in advance and they should contain a clear message through the different promotional channels.