We all live in a digital world and the software has become part of our lives. In fact, the software that is well arranged and built can make our lives easier and far more pleasant. Today the Pay Per Click is very important for the software as a service. In fact, the pay per click is a critical component in the sales cycle concerning the SaaS system discovery for the potential buyer.

Every lead today starts with a search and usually that is a pay per click search. The users are searching for solution for a problem and it is the role of the content managers and marketers to engage them with content and at one point make turn them into a paying customer. The pay per click method has proven very useful in exposing a brand towards new and potential customers.

How to Attract Qualified Leads

Use Quality Ads – When the user is searching for something, this does not mean that he is ready to buy. In fact, often the searcher is not ready to buy and gets annoyed if bombarded with ads. In such cases the educational approach is the best one. Then, then the users are thinking of a tool, they will remember the one that they were told about. This approach is working great with the AdWords strategy as well. That is so, as the users get quality and excellent content, as well as information and not just direct, annoying advertising.

With that approach the marketers should bid on ‘solution to the problem’ keywords, direct the ad content towards solution of the situation. This approach works as it is very simple and when the trust is built than the sales will come naturally.

Use Ads Testing – the marketers should also use the so called Ad testing in order to make sure that they are focusing the right audience. Targeting the audience is not easy and that is why testing is important to make sure that the keywords are matching the ads and are sending the message to the right people. The ad copy is not something static, but something that is easy to change.

Apply Remarketing – The remarketing is very important and it works for almost every industry. This method allows users to follow the visitors that have been visiting the website and thus the ads will pop up when that visitor is browsing for content. This might remind of stalking, yet it is not. The remarketing is an affordable method for making sure that the past visitors will come again to the website. In a way this is a mild encouragement for these visitors to do so. The results from the remarketing have been exceptional. The images used in the brand should also be consistent with the branding. In this way the users will be reminded of the website.

Use non-aggressive ads, apply remarketing, target the audience well and send reminding ads to visitors who have been on your website.