That’s it – we are mobile and this is how things are going to be. In 2015 it became official that the number of people who use mobile devices in the world has surpassed the number of those who use desktops. This is exciting, but it brings a few issues for the paid search marketers.

It is a fact that the average pay per click advertiser sees a lower search conversion rates on his mobile device compared to the conversion rates seen on the computer desktops or tablets. So, what should the pay per click advertisers do in order to get more mobile conversions? Which are the three main mistakes that should be avoided so that the marketers can see excellent pay per click results? Let’s find out!

Mistake No 1 in the Mobile Advertising: No one Sees the Ads
The mobile SERP is different than the desktop or the tablet SERP, as the ad space is limited. For that reason the competition is quite strong. In fact, the mobile ads are less likely to be shown even when they have position No 1. That is why if the ad reaches page one, it should be on the first or on the second position, as it is unlikely for the users to scroll down to the bottom of the SERP. The positions three and four are sometimes fine, yet anything below that will not bring more users to the website. In other words, to be successful on the mobile devices ad area, one should be focused on the ad rank.

Fighting the poor visibility on the mobile devices is possible and the key is to boost the ad rank. The ad rank is based on the maximum CPC bid multiplied by the quality score. In the last three years the mobile CPCs have tripled and the experts believe that this trend will continue. That is why the mobile bid modifiers have to be increased. The quality score is also very important and should be increased, if possible.

Mistake No 2 in the Mobile Advertising: The Phone is not Ringing
The incoming phone calls are the best leads that the advertisers can receive. That is so as the people who call are usually those who are genuinely interested in the product or the service that is offered. Thus, the phone calls are important and mobile advertising experts know that. The mobile ads are the perfect place to provoke phone calls, especially with the available feature – click to call.

The ideal situation would be when a user sees an ad, clicks on it, then visits the landing page and fills in the form. Yet, just a very small number of the users actually fill in the landing page through the mobile devices and thus the click to call button is important as it can secure direct contact. In fact, according to the statistics, the calls from the mobile devices are worth 3 times more the website clicks. Thus, the phone calls should be promoted. Call rates are very important!