Of recent, Google Chrome seems to have decided to make many developers shed a tear or two. As for LinkedIn, they have decided to add brand new ad targeting feature that is said to be great. When we look at Facebook, we can say that a lot of persons feel that Facebook is definitely messing up their interests.

Let’s look at what has happened recently when digital marketing is concerned.

Google Chrome API Alterations May Affect Ad Blockers

The API alterations that Google Chrome has made may have some effects on ad blockers. It is said it may destroy ad blockers, rendering them useless. This may be awful to developers but great to those making use of web ads to promote their companies. This means that ad blockers may not work, and viewers will have no choice but to look at the ads. Great for them!

It is no longer hidden that Google has made some alterations to the software that makes Google Chrome work, Chromium. One effect that is expected to come from this is that the API new version is capable of disabling the effects of ad blockers. This means that developers will have to be left on their toes, trying to also make upgrades on their ad blocking software.

Some developers are of the opinion that this alteration would take the control that once sat in the hands of users, from them.

There are those that feel that they are currently on the winning side of this decision, and they are businesses running ads. For those that feel they will lose from it, many of them are developers, who may have their ad blocking software being rendered useless. What of the viewers that would have no other choice but view the ads?

A lot of persons are of the opinion that Google did this for a benefit that may be known or unknown. Those that fall into this category are of the opinion that the firm is solely interested in placing the need for revenue over how their users would feel. It may be possible.

Very Soon, Advertisers Can Easily Purchase The 15-Second Non-Skippable Ads From Google

Recently, Google made an announcement that advertisers can purchase the 15-second non-skippable ads. It is quite easy to purchase this, and it is open to every advertiser.

Before this announcement was made, an advertiser had to purchase these ads via the reservation process ran by YouTube, as well as the Preferred Network.

Google churned out this feature to allow advertisers to be able to use a myriad of options, not mind how they are purchased. It could be done either through the Google Ads auction or the reservation.

While this feature is made available, Google has pledged to ensure that a protection system is put in place to place a cap on how many ads that can be viewed by a user. Google is dedicated to ensuring that viewers are not bored with ads as they watch YouTube.

To see if you can access the brand new feature, then look at your Video 360 or Google Ads account.

LinkedIn Rolls out Interest-Targeted Ads

LinkedIn is now deeply seated in the business of advertising. With the alterations made, it is now possible to target the ads depending on the interests of the user.

Now, you can opt for any topic from the over two hundred topics.

LinkedIn Interest Targeting

One may wonder how LinkedIn can find out what interests its users. It is quite simple, as LinkedIn is designed to find out who users are based on how they interact there.

This brand new feature that was churned out by LinkedIn is currently receiving some accolades. A report by Digitas UK showed that there was an improvement in click-through rates by twenty-five percent as they make use of interest-based targeting.

Many companies are now making use of this brand new feature to improve their brand awareness. Like expected, the results can leave one satisfied. It is expected that interest targeting will be made available to every advertiser soon.

Amazon Rolls out Customer Acquisition Metrics for Ads

Currently, it seems that LinkedIn has joined those that are currently working on their advertising platform. Amazon is one company that loves improving its advertising platform.

Of recent, Amazon has incorporated new metrics, giving the necessary insight into those first-time users that were converted. This metric has been nicknamed, ‘new-to-brand’ one, and it can be seen on display, video, as well as Sponsored Brands campaigns. With this brand new feature, it is quite common to view your cost for a new client, as well as the new-to-brand purchase rate.

New Salesforce Tool Allows People To Craft New Mobile Apps Without Requiring A Developer

In the past, when you want to craft out a mobile app, you needed to hire a developer, but times seem to be changing. Want a new mobile app, what if we told you that you don’t need a developer to work on it.

Salesforce currently has a created a tool to make that possible. With the Salesforce’s Lightning Platform Mobile, it is quite easy to create a brand new app, have it integrated with a service, get it published on an App Store.

That’s not all Salesforce announced, as according to them, it is now possible to craft out the mobile version of that web-based community that was linked with Community Cloud.

To allow those that do not know what Community Cloud means, it is that host which permits clients to easily communicate with one another about products and brands.

This brand new tool is already in use and has recorded some successes.

Jumbo, a Supermarket chain in Denmark has crafted out an app that is dedicated to task management, as well as employee collaboration. Jumbo went on to also create a customer-facing app that is a host of nutritional info.

Cornell University decided to join others, and transform its student portal to a mobile app, in a bid to win the hearts of the youth.

Making use of Salesforce tool allows you to save money that would once have been spent on costs of developing the app.

To make use of this tool, it is important to note that you must be a customer of Salesforce. Becoming a client of Salesforce isn’t cheap. Look at the numbers. Is it worth it?

Facebook Is Wrong 27% of the Time When Detecting User Interests

One thing that people have started to notice that your Facebook’s targeted ad campaign may not necessarily be targeted.

A study done by Pew Research Center says that twenty-seven percent of Facebook users in the US feel that Facebook isn’t designed to accurately peg the interests.

This study was carried out in 2018, in the months of September and October. This means that some of your ads may be targeted at the wrong audience.