Marketers know that when it comes to SEO, keywords are the Holy Grail; luckily for us, the search just got easier all thanks to SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool. We will be taking look at what the Keyword Magic Tool is all about and how best to utilize it for content optimization and SEO strategy.

Explaining The Keyword Magic Tool

We know very well that as with any research, researching keywords is very necessary but then again, it is also a rather difficult task to carry out. This would research entails thinking up a vast number of words, continuously searching and editing the list of searches, using a number of tools and all in a bid to ensure that the words you are looking to use are still top ranking or even relevant in their field of search.

The Keyword Magic Tool is a SEMrush feature which makes this previously explained and very tedious word searches extremely easy to carry out. According to SEMrush, this tool actually conducts a rather unique keyword search covering the relevant keywords all the while still remaining profitable for the user.

This search is carried out in it’s over 9.4billion keyword database. The main feature of this tool is that it actually aims to mould all the traditional tools used for keyword searches into one ultimate handy tool. This means that with just one search, you will be able to get every variable related to the keyword in question; and all in one place.

The Workings of The Keyword Magic Tool

To really carry out this experiment, you will need to first get a SEMrush account and then get logged in. After this, you will go to the menu bar located on the far right side. There you will scroll down and select the icon Keyword Magic Tool which is listed under Keyword Research. This link would then redirect you to the main tool page. Here you would simply type in the keyword you want and click enter. You will immediately be taken to another page showing a list of all the keywords related to your entry. Here you can also adjust the volume of the search, the keyword difficulty and even its competition level. You also have the option of adding other keywords to your current search.

Why The Keyword Magic Tool Should Make Marketers Happy

As earlier stated, the Keyword Magic Tool is a keyword research tool that cannot be rivalled. Therefore, it is superior to any and all other keyword research tools. Unlike the Google Keyword Planner, where you would have to return to a search to find its related keywords and all of that, the Keyword Magic Tool displays related keywords as well as their various categories when you enter a single search. It takes in all of the features ordinarily included in extensive traditional keyword research and rolls it all up into one tidy and efficient package. Also, your searches and saved keyword lists constantly get updated regularly; this means that you can always go back to a saved list and get the latest updated as opposed to running a brand new search for updates.

Optimizing Your Content with the Help of The Keyword Magic Tool

Once you are able to pull your report on your keyword research, you can use the Keyword Magic Tool in a whole lot of ways to help optimize your content for traffic generating keywords. These would include:

Using Filters to Identify SERP Feature Opportunities and Questions.

One of the features of this tool is the set of filters it allows you access to use. You would, however, need to customize your filter setting to “questions”. The reason for this is that many searches these days are being made in form of question phrases and so finding the top most used question phrases would enable you to optimize your content accordingly. For mainly blogs writers and article writing brands, this will help you optimize your contents to better answer the questions being asked by the searchers. Also optimizing for question phrases and keywords go a long way in boosting one’s chances of getting a featured snippet. Which is a SERP feature that would in turn help to boost your search results?

Keyword Magic Tool also comes with the function which allows you to enter searches based on SERP features. This means that your search result will be more structured to contain specific SERP features which would, in turn, attract more traffic.

Using The Keyword Analyser to Research Competitors

After getting the list of keywords, you can mark those that interest you using the small boxes to the left of the words; after this, simply click on the “Add to Keyword Analyser” button located at the top of your report. This analyser goes on to give you an even more updated metric on each of the keywords. This information is very useful when strategizing on your content as it also shows you who your competitors are. You can even take this further by looking at your competitor’s content and see what they are doing and the quality of content they are producing. You can also find out what their related keywords are and how they are using target keywords; also what kind of answers they are giving and to what sort of questions. This analysis allows you to know what then to do with your own content and how to make it better to rival that of your competition.

Find New Words and Ideas for Your Content

When your report is pulled, you will not only want to take note of the main keyword metrics but, also a box to the left of your main keywords. These keywords are sorted and filtered by the search topic itself. You can click on any one of them to give you a whole new list of keywords that include your target keyword as well as the main search topic. This new list can give you a whole new approach in the structuring of your content so much so that, your content can be on a much broader spectrum of its main search topic. These new lists of words can also be clicked on you give you other lists of long tail queries. In essence what this means is that the new words can generate other new words that can keep generating other new words all still relating to your target keyword and the main search topic. This could be very beneficial when creating sub contexts in your contents.

There would always be a constant need for keyword searches and as such the way we carry out these researches would keep evolving.

The Keyword Magic Tool, however, is one of the absolute best keyword research tools which also helps you make a detailed analysis of your keywords and, overall, plan a very solid content strategy. In truth, this tool would take some getting used to as it is rather vast in its services but once you get a hang of it, you would not want to let go.