Are you conversant with Google trends? Regardless of whether you are, you may not be acquainted with all the manners in which it can add value to your marketing campaign – and trust me, it’s a great deal.

Google Trends is a site that examines the status of frequently searched words crosswise over different locales and dialects. The site utilizes charts to analyze the search size of various search terms after some time. This site is one of the best things to fuse into your marketing campaigns, because of its efficiency in generating the best keywords to focus on.

I’ve put together a few of the numerous scenarios where Google trend can help you in your marketing campaign. in this write up, I’ll be showing you some of the numerous applications of Google trends and how to incorporate them in your marketing techniques.

  • Google trends – the general idea

In case you don’t have the slightest idea of how Google Trends work or you have ignored it previously, well, you’ve been genuinely passing up a great opportunity.

Before we go into the full details of the how’s and why’s of all that concerns Google trends, let’s refresh your memory on the matter with this:

Once you open the site, you’ll be directed to a dash that will show the most recent topics. You can also input your own terms into the appropriate spots on this dash. This is how you’ll track trending topics and your own terms.

To further explain how Google trends, work: consider this scenario;

In the event that you have obtained Google trends for your marketing campaigns. Launch your Google trends and you’ll see that at the uppermost part of the dash you have the choice to sort by area, date range, classification, and the kind of inquiry.

We’ll start with a glance at the previous year, and obviously, search volume has stayed truly steady (note: this will help you determine whether or not a term will yield dividends).

Now alter the range to cover 2004 to the year we’re in, and you’ll see the changes that ensue – one that lets you know precisely when content ads turned into a central point in advertising (see the constant upward pattern starting 7 years from 2004). It’s amazing, right? I know.

What’s more, the above scenario is off by a long shot to everything it can do. Be that as it may, we have to talk about a few things before we plunge into all the amazing capabilities of Google Trends and how it can help you during your marketing campaign and SEO.

Most importantly, you need to understand that contrary to the general belief that Google trends are powered by volume of a search term, it is actually powered by the fame of search terms.

Finding it hard to understand? Let’ break it down like Google trends

1. This is how google trends described their process: search results are in proportion with time and area of the search.

2. To calculate the relative popularity, you have to divide the search results by the time frame and the number of searches conducted in that area.

3. The result is rated on a scale of 0-100 and compared with other search terms

4. Areas that show similar search terms may not have similar volume.

At the end of the day, it’s not about the volume but the fame of the search term.

Since we have put this to bed, let us see how imperative Google trends is in Search engine optimization and your marketing campaign.

  • The importance of Google trends in keyword research

The best and clearest use of this tool is noticed in keyword analysis. Specifically, because it’s an incredible instrument not just to discover the ubiquity of a given search term, but to discover long-tail-keywords to help illuminate your marketing campaign.

the sleekest thing about this amazing tool is its ability to give quick and accurate results to the words you input in its inquiry bar. If you type something in there, it will give you twenty-five of the closet outcomes of your keywords.

Despite the fact that Google Trends won’t tell you the correct volume for a specific search term, you can use other search engine optimization tools to know the volume.

  • The importance of Google trends in seasonal marketing

Regularity has a major impact on ads, and knowing when your client will have a need for a specific item or one of the numerous services you provide, is a piece of very valuable information.

Reminisce on this for a moment: you have some “sports shorts” in store and you are looking for the appropriate time to put them in the market, but you have no idea how to go about it. What will you do? You go to your amazing Google trends for answers.

A quick glance at Google trends with the keyword “sports shorts” will give you a good idea of when and how to go about selling that product.

You can also tune this search to incorporate your desired area, for more effective outcomes.

  • The importance of Google trends when you’re making plans for your contents

When you are making plans for your products – during the year or at the start of a financial year – you need to have a clear picture of what to do and the paths to take. Google trends are capable of showing you a clear path to take.

Want to know how? Google trends can show you the time when a particular product is most famous, and this can help you exploit the market. When you use Google trends to conduct your research for the popularity of a product, it will show you a chart of the trend for that product. With this information, you can organize your strategy and figure out the best contents to use for your marketing campaign.

  • Timing your marketing campaign with Google trends

Google trends will help you create the perfect time for your marketing campaigns. You can conduct your search to feature a week, a month, or a year. This will keep you informed about the diverse opportunities available to you in the market.

  • Google trends can help you plan your Pay per click campaigns

When it comes to PPC campaigns, you need all the information available to you. why you may ask. The is because users look for products relating to the ones you offer with certain keywords. And if you don’t know what these keywords are, your business may suffer from stagnation.

Google trends will show you the best keywords to incorporate in your pay per click advertisements so that when you fuse them in your ads, it will appear as one of the search results for your clients’ queries.

Google trends will help you focus on the search terms that will help you achieve your desired outcomes with your PPC campaigns.

  • The importance of Google trends in local search engine optimization

Are you looking for ways to exploit the market opportunities in your area and the locales of your target audience? Google trends will do just that – and even more. Google trends will focus the search on these locales. For instance, if you’re a promoter of “Burgers”, and you want to know how to reach your audience, you can achieve this result by inputting the related-keywords into Google trends. Google trend will wrap it up from there.