Link building is a difficult game to be played and this is a fact that the SEO and online marketers know well. That is so as they have to keep up with all the algorithmic changes that Google does, and they have to make sure that the links they get are from websites of high quality. Even if being difficult, the marketers play this game of link building, as it gives results. The top sites that have very good results ay Google search have at least one external website that they are pointing at. The most legitimate way for the websites to get quality links is to earn them and that can be done through the content marketing. The SEO gurus from Ideal Visibility team are sharing several useful content marketing strategies in order to build links:

  1. Find the Influencers.

Those working in a certain business sphere know who the influencers in that sphere are. These could be bloggers or industry analysts, journalists, brand advocates, etc. By reaching out to the influencers in the field, the brand is increasing its credibility and is enjoying new audience.

  1. Do A Guest Blog.

Asking an influencer to write a guest blog for the website is a very effective way to get the brand to be noticed, to make build links and to increase the search ranking.

  1. Publish an Interview.

Getting an interview with someone with excellent reputation in the industry can be very useful and an excellent way to boost a content marketing campaign. The interview needs to be promoted on the social media.

  1. Advice From The Experts.

A post with some useful advices from the experts and some industry news are always appreciated by the audience. Such posts get plenty of social media shares.

  1. Forming a Useful Guide.

The quality content is the king and nothing can beat that. The graphs, the blog posts and the video can add to the content, but a useful guide is worth the most. Detailed guides can be prepared for each industry and they can solve many of the problems.

  1. The Power of The Visual Content.

The Visual Content is becoming more and more popular but it should be used carefully as otherwise that method starts lacking effectiveness. The quality infographics should focus on relevant keywords and their final aim is to increase the traffic to the website.

  1. Be listed on Directories.

The website link should be submitted to all directories and that is a good way for obtaining backlinks.

  1. Engage the Community.

That is very crucial – the community should be made to feel special and should be involved in what is happening, in order to share the content. That will earn links.

  1. The Tactic of the Broken Link Building.

This is an old tactic, according to which the SEO expert discovers a dead link on a quality website and reveals that to the webmaster in exchange to a link from their website. There are some tools that can be of assistance in that tedious process.

  1. Use partnerships.

That is a very effective way for obtaining links as long as that is not done reciprocally and as long as the rankings are not manipulated.