Google AdWords are the best strategy that is used nowadays for ad campaigns with almost 25 % year over year growth in the process of search advertising. Yet, there are several aspects in which the Bing Ads do beat the results from the Google AdWords strategies. In fact, the Bing Ads had also faced a serious growth last year reaching almost 20 % of the US search market share. Bing Ads are good in the paid search clicks, something in which Google AdWords have bad results. Some of the areas in which Bing Ads beat Google AdWords are listed here:

1. Bing Ads have cheaper cost per click as they face less competition.
Bing Ads should be considered by the small and the middle size businesses since they use almost the same auction dynamic as Adwords, but the competition is much lower. This allows the small companies to enjoy better positions of their ads, cheaper costs per click and several new features that allow changes when needed.

2. Bing Ads with better control of the campaign and the levels of ad groups.
Bing allows experts to organize different campaigns for the different time zones. This means that the experts can apply specific strategies that can be easily managed on the Bing platform. This new feature is very good for the campaigns that are made internationally. For example, Google Adwords platform allows setting of location, schedule, language, ad rotation yet the ad groups are restricted to their settings in the certain campaign. Bing Ads however allow new settings for each particular ad group and not creation of a separate new campaign.

3. Bing Ads Use Better Device Targeting.
Google allows users to adjust their bids for certain devices. Bing has removed the targeting options and the advertisers at Bing can exclude the desktop and he tablet traffic if they want to. They can also arrange their campaigns to target the mobile devices only.

4. More transparency with Bing Ads.
Bing Ads are in the position to provide more control and more transparency than Google Adwords. Google gives two choices to the paid search advertisers – to target the Google search or to target Google Search and partners. In this way the experts cannot see or find out which partner engines are driving them get traffic and which are not helping at all.

Bing on the other hand allows users to be flexible. They can target Bing and Yahoo, or they can target search partners, as well as both. A report can be run fast and thus the marketing experts can easily find out which search partners are directing traffic.

5. Bing Ads Not Forcing Close Variants.

Google has removed the exact match and the phrase match keywords, by forcing a close variant target on the AdWords accounts. The close variants can expand the reach of the exact keywords and the phrase keywords with almost 10 % as they include plurals, common typing mistakes, etc. Bing also has the option to include close variant queries, but that is an option which the campaign makers can choose.