Articles are now considered the most powerful product promotional and traffic-generating tools in the field of internet marketing. However, in order to get great results, you need to make sure that your articles are very impressive and at least close to perfection.

Plan ahead. Before you start writing, I would recommend that you do quick research and gather additional information that you can share to your readers. Then, carefully choose the data that you’re going to present. To keep your articles short and tight, it’s best if you just discuss 3-5 major ideas. List them down and arrange them in a logical manner. This outline will help in making the process of writing your articles well-guided.

Here’s how you can make that happen:

Target audience

Identify and get to know your target audience. Don’t start unless you know and fully understand the people that you’re writing for. Are they just women, men, or both? What’s their educational attainment or level of comprehension? What are their problems and burning questions? What are their goals in life or in their careers? Why would they read your articles? Knowing these people is the key to produce highly targeted articles.

Stick with what you know. Avoid writing topics that sound alien to you otherwise; you will not be able to produce expertly written, very informative articles. Stick with topics that are relevant to the niche that you’re targeting or to the theme of your website. Then, ensure that they’re something that your audiences are looking for.


But when big data brings in the numbers, sometimes content writers get carried away by the desire to cater to how algorithms raise their click-through rates instead of bringing in actual compelling content (that also creates traffic and raises the CTR).

The purpose of content writing is to promote a product or service with relevant and compelling content. Seems easy enough, right? More often than not, coming up with original content is hard to come by.

Big data includes information that can be used for analyses.

Relate to your Audience

When you find your voice as a content writer, you can use segmenting to find your target audience through demographics like age, gender, ethnicity, employment status, education, income, location, and interests. With this information, the content you produce serves both you and the consumer like a two-way street. You are able to understand your customers better and respond to their needs, while your target consumers will be introduced to your products or services and will more likely respond to you than when you address your write-ups to just anybody.

Large volumes of data may help your site’s traffic, but remember that at the end of the day, the content you generate is not for machines – they’re for people. Similar to the previous number, you can use statistics to create a profile of your target audience. Turning information into a human can help you communicate topics more clearly with your audience, who are in fact, human.

Collection of Big Data Drives New Insights

Using data to produce great content in itself is a challenge, more so when you attempt to make it interactive for your readers. Since data commonly originates from three main sources on the internet (streaming, social media, and publicly available sources), asking your readers for input or feedback can help drive more information, and even spark other ideas for content, while remaining faithful to your content marketing strategies.

Big data has changed our world of obtaining information for better or worse. We can be assured, though, that this helps marketers with content writing. If you want to invest in content writing but are hesitant on how to make it work for your business, there are content writing services that can help you with your needs.

Putting it all together

Offer high quality, very informative content. Putting together amazing articles isn’t easy; I wouldn’t lie about that. It will require a lot of research time, brainstorming, writing, and proofreading. In addition to that, it requires specific sets of skills and your commitment in impressing your readers. It would help if you always remind yourself that your target audience deserves nothing but the best. Give these people great learning and reading experience and you can be assured that they’ll respond positively to your call to action.

Share your Content with Readers

Once your article is ready don’t forget to share it with your audience. People on twitter, facebook, instagram, Pinterest always look for great piece of content. Data shows that if one content is shared on social media it gets viewed by many users and if the content is powerful it gets shared by many people. You can find everything from All of Donald Trump’s Tweets to everything like paints drawn by painters.