We all know about Google Maps obviously, but the question here is, do we know about Google Maps marketing and its benefits? Probably not a lot of us do. So here in this article, we are going to be exposing you to Google Maps marketing, why it is important and how it works.

Google Maps Marketing – What Exactly it is?

Google maps marketing is basically a feature of Google maps which puts your business on the ap, making it easy to find whenever a specific or related search is run on the platform. This is really more or less a SERP feature.

Ever heard of a local 3-pack? Well, it is basically what happens when a search is entered into the Google platform and it pulls up a map at the top of the page with 3 results. Picture this, you are on a trip somewhere new and you are in search of a salon; now when you type your search into your Google Maps app and you are shown 3 of the closest salons to your location. This is in essence what Google Maps marketing is.

The fantastic thing is that your business too whether local or small can use this platform and let us face it, it is great advertising.

Why Google Maps Marketing is Important

Contrary to popular opinions, online stores have really not taken over the market. In fact, according to Google, it is estimated that actual stores would push approximately 90% of global sales. That said, as a business, you need to think of having a local SEO strategy to help not only attract customers but direct them to your actual place of business.

When people search for local business online, they usually want somewhere they can walk in to but, do not actually know where to go. As a business owner, getting your business noticed by people is almost crucial and Google Maps marketing is an advantage that you should take as it exposes your business to a wider range of potential customers and all with just one click.

Imagine your customers being just one search away, would you not want to be found?

Factors Which Influence Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps marketing does not use the traditional SEO rules most of us are used to in marketing rather, it depends on a few factors to determine how to rank.


Location and proximity play a key role in Google Maps ranking. This is because search results are based on the searcher’s location as well as the location of the business being searched. This means that the results will be ranked according to how close your business is to the searcher’s location. In this case, every business gets a fair chance at being ranked but if yours is not the closest in proximity, there is really nothing you can do about it.


This is another very important factor in Google Maps marketing. Yes, proximity is a major factor but ranking also plays a huge part. This is one you can actually take charge of as opposed to proximity. This factor is basically dependent on the online rating of your business. Here, this usually works better when the location is not involved. So essentially, if the searcher does not have a particular location in mind or has not updated their location settings, this comes into play. In essence, how this works is that when a business type is logged into the search engine, the results are displayed according to ratings; the higher ratings being ranked first. Now two things are involved here, one is great reviews in order to boost our business ratings and two a very well optimized Google My Business page because rating alone is still not a guarantee of a top ranking spot.

How Google Maps Marketing Works

There are 3 major things involved in getting Google Maps marketing to work for you and at your best advantage.

1. Have a Well-Optimised Google My Business Page

For starters, Google my business is an online directory which is free and allows business owners to claim their listings. This Google My Business account basically helps Google advertise your business across its network. If you don’t already have an account you can simply go to Google business site or the app and follow the instructions to open one. It’s that simple. Along with this, you will also need to have reviews on your business page as this would help to boost your business ratings. You may also want to note that using SEO keywords in your business description, and ensuring that all your information is consistent and tallies with every other listing you have out there helps as well. Also be sure to link your Google My Business to your business homepage and add great pictures. Do not leave out any details. Fill out the form completely as searchers can use any range of specifications when searching.

 2. Advertise

Like any normal marketing, advertisement goes a long way and with Google Maps it is not any different. One of the easiest ways of getting your business to the top is with a paid advert. And as expected there are several benefits to that and Google describes them:

  • Top search results: Now normally. When a search is put in, local search ads would appear at the top ranking spots with the small ad insignia signifying its difference from the regular results. These ads can be opened and looked up for information including pictures and Google allows for changes and updates to be made to the ads.
  • Promoted pins: These are similar to the local search ads; the difference here being that this also allows for the business logo to show. This goes further to distinguish it from the other regular searches.
  • In-store promotions: This benefit allows the advertiser to add details of promotions to the ad. This could include coupons, give-away and even discounts. In essence, it allows you the advantage of getting a jump at enticing potential customers.
  • Local inventory search: This option allows the list of your local inventory to come up when your business site is clicked. This option is very useful when the search is specific. To put this into effect, a detailed list of your local product inventory would need to be fed directly to Google. This also helps business owners by eliminating unlikely customers and directly attracting specific customers.

 3. Optimize Your Local Search Ads

When optimizing your ad you should remember to think of including keywords to boost your ad ranking. Also, we know that Google looks at several factors to determine ranks and so you think of tailoring your ad along these specifications:

  • Location
  • Behaviour
  • Interests
  • Time of day
  • Search and browsing history

Also, ensure to constantly update your ad with any new information as this would further help Google to better market your business.

As stated earlier, Google Maps marketing is essentially crucial for local businesses because while regular Google searches would bring up your business, with Google maps marketing, your business awareness would increase leading to an improvement in your store visits. Local search ads would also give your business the boost in ranks.

Please feel free to drop your questions in the comments.