The bounce rate measures the number of people who have entered the landing page, had a quick look and then leave, not going to a second page on the website. This does not mean a bad thing as many websites today comprise of one page only. Or maybe the user has found the answer of what he was searching for and did not need to search any more. The reasons might be numerous.

The bounce rates vary and are based on the purpose of the page and on the industry. For example, the retail websites which have highly targeted web traffic might feature up to 40 % bounce rate. The landing page with a strong call to action might even reach 90 % bounce rate. In most cases however, the high bounce rate is not a good thing and the SEO experts try to change that. Here are some tips on getting lower bounce rate in the Google AdWords campaigns.

Landing Page Quality
The landing page is the first place to start from and it should attract the visitors in the first 10 seconds. The two important questions to be asked here concern the time for page upload and the optimization of the page for the mobile devices.

The page loading should not take more than three seconds. Thus, the page speed is a very crucial element in each AdWords campaign. And since everybody today uses mobile devices, then the responsive design is important too, as it will immediately adapt to each screen size. Currently, only around 10 % of the websites have responsive design.

Call to Action
The call to action is pretty important too. People, will look at the products and services, but they also have to buy them. The website should be designed in such a way as to provoke the user to act. The visitor needs to be guided and should find the ordering button fast and easy.

The Negative Keywords
The pay per click campaign has to be well targeted well by using effective terms. The keywords should be well-targeted and focused on the specific business.

Ad Text: Set expectations and Promotional Graphics
The text of the ad and all the promotional banners should provoke the attention of the users and should set up their expectations. The users of Internet are searching for specific things on Google, so they should not be misled but guided instead. The misleading information will annoy the visitor and will lead to unqualified traffic.

The Remarketing Process
The ads should be well placed and remarketing should be done for achieving the best results possible. When a cookie is placed on the browser of the user, then Google AdWords will serve him with ads when that user goes around the web. The remarketing makes the users come back to the website and probably make a sale.

Google Analytics
The software Google Analytics allows the owners of websites to take care about the health of their website, as well as to define where the traffic does comes from. If the users link their AdWords and Google Analytics accounts, they can reduce their bounce rate and have more information to work on.