With Facebook’s most recent algorithm update prioritizing content from friends and loved ones in the newsfeed, Facebook business advertisement is more critical than ever. It’s becoming more difficult to gain engagement and reach a broader audience, and companies could use a boost, particularly if they’re hosting an event, introducing a new product, or running a seasonal promotion.

But how do you make a Facebook ad that works?

Define your audience

This isn’t some adage about ads. You must be very clear about who your ad is intended for. From location to consumption activity, Facebook provides a range of targeting options. This is why you must have a good understanding about who you’re trying to sell to. It can’t be too broad or you’ll end up reaching people who aren’t likely to become customers.

It will help if you target affluent locals, working professionals, travelers, or students if you own a coffee shop in San Francisco. People ages 18 and 40 who are still studying or working as entrepreneurs or insert-professional-titles-here join the demographic choice.

Visuals that are enticing (but not inappropriate).

Photos are the most shareable form of content on Facebook. If you display what you’re selling directly in your ad, it will be more successful. Remember to include your trademark materials, such as logos, and a footer with links to your other social media pages and/or website.

However, not every picture is broadcast. When it comes to promoting an ad on Facebook, the rules are very strict. For starters, it shouldn’t have any sexual content (obviously), and it shouldn’t be too long. Aside from that, any picture depicting a person’s body as ideal or undesirable should be avoided in your advertising.

What happens if you break one of these rules? Your ad will be rejected by Facebook, and you’ll have to start over with new designs. It’s best if you read up on the promotional policies. Before sending your image for approval, you can use this tool to see if it contains too much text.

Tell a story through videos

This is a common strategy among large companies. They can quickly post a video they made for a TV commercial on their social media pages – including Facebook. Small companies, on the other hand, can do it as well. While making a TV commercial might not be feasible, you may hire a production company or a digital marketing professional to write a script for a convincing story and produce it as a video.

Yeah, you can raise videos to make them more visible to more people. If you’re a local company, we suggest using your native tongue to make it more relatable.

A clear call to action

While the adage “show, don’t say” is appropriate in art and film, it is not appropriate in company. You must invite your audience to take action in response to what you have promoted; otherwise, they will be unsure of what to do.

It takes time and effort to create a good Facebook ad, as well as strategy. If you ever find yourself in need of assistance, we know a lot of people who can help you out.