When COVID-19 continues to influence companies and individuals worldwide, modifying the marketing approach is crucial to survival. This involves coming up with innovative ways to market your company on Facebook, as we are now in the new standard, and conventional tactics need to be fine-tuned.

 Before you start running fresh Facebook ads, here’s a step-by-step guide to follow.

A – Assess your approach.

Major economic developments occur daily. While we continue to deal with the effects of the pandemic, the prolonged time spent indoors has impacted both people’s behavior and consumer dynamics. As a result, each industry has its own set of scenarios. Others are being seriously affected by the situation, whilst others are fighting to remain alive, and a small few are seeing a rise in demand.

What precisely does this imply?

There is no such thing as a brand campaign elixir. In marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

In most cases, advertisement requirements differ depending on the consumer base and geographic location. These conditions have changed and have also become more complicated due to the tough times we are experiencing.

Assessing your plan will assist you in determining your next course of action as you run your Facebook ads. A digital marketing professional can recommend simplifying your approach, sticking to your high-performing advertising, or increasing brand recognition. The approach must be personalized and adapted to the consumers’ desires, unique targets, and existing marketing circumstances.


B – Be human.

This is perhaps the most critical factor to remember when running a business.

What would you and your company do to help? Is there anything you can do for your clients who are in pain, suffering from anxiety, or have lost a loved one?

Let sympathy win out, for no one is immune to the struggles of these days.


Try to communicate with your customers further by texting, text, or your own social media ads. Should you decide to advertise your company on Facebook, it would be fantastic if you could demonstrate your support for or openness to contact with your customers.


Worried that the message you’re trying to convey with your advertisements won’t be perfect? You are not expected to be. It’s fine to demonstrate that you’re still exploring the waters, even though you’d like to provide an urgent, streamlined solution to the pandemic.


 Your clients will understand that you, too, are vulnerable if you are open with them and show that you are trying to adapt to the situation. Just make sure your efforts don’t come off as fake. You will let them know and understand that we’re all in this together with the commercials.


C – Communicate important messages effectively

The right tone in your Facebook post, along with the right graphics, would contribute to a successful commercial,

Choose the necessary words. Choose the most fitting shades. Make a suitable layout. Consider the tone of voice, branding, and ideals when responding.

It would help if you still remain creative. Make a connection between your product or service and helpful knowledge, support services, and health protection tips.

What do you keep away from? Please don’t assume that the audience’s consumer behavior is the same because they don’t think the same way. Also, please avoid being disrespectful, allowing fear to cause or escalate, and causing panic.

To stop this, check out concept input from a range of outlets. For example, Facebook has introduced new models and automatic responses after COVID-19 to help companies contact their clients. You may use these as-is or as a reference/inspiration for your advertisement material if you’re afraid to play with new ideas.


If you’re planning to run a Facebook ad, have this A-B-C in mind. Ideal Visibility, the dependable digital marketing expert, will help you discover more opportunities for ads on Facebook during these trying times.