In the digital marketing industry of 2021, the economic uprisings of 2020 will be felt deeply. Brands are entering a brand new terrain of market engagement, reshaped by technical leaps and other factors.

It is basically cliche, but “today something is new,” and it was easier for digital marketers and their consumers to set their sails for moving waters. Here are a few developments in digital marketing guys are watching 2021.

#1 Emphasis on the “Featured Snippet” in Google SERPs

The “Holy Grail” of SEO has long been the maximum potential presence on related Google searches.

From the Map Pack to the “Shopping” findings to featured YouTube images, different SERP results have served as cars while dealing for more and more supported material as Google has favored its paying consumers.

However, there is a new kid on the street, a “featured fragment” of highlighted text that Google uses without the user clicking on it to try to address the user’s query.

Of course, this poses a challenge for digital marketing. How can you place the brand message in front of them if consumers can get responses without clicking on anything?

The challenge is to rate for the “featured snippet,” offering only enough details to get the consumer to press for more information and to peak interest.

#2 Consumer Segmentation

The segmentation of consumers is not recent, but in 2021 we expect it to reach new heights.

Big tech firms such as Google and Facebook store so much data about their customers that they perceive them at a finer level than a human brain might ever have.

Segmentation of manuals is becoming redundant. The main digital ad algorithms will micro-segment the ideal audience out of 100 or so engagements.

The aim is, of course, to maximize consumer loyalty and retention, contributing to lower promotional prices and better lifetime value for the customer.

#3 Automatic Google Advertising Bidding

Automated bidding launched in 2016 on Google Advertising, but we anticipate it to come into its own in 2021.

2020 could be the last year for digital marketers to adjust their Google advertisements manually for maximum output. Automated bidding will tweak the ad faster than any individual digital marketer to maximize it.

Is this going to make digital advertisers obsolete? Not though it frees them up to commit time and money to other digital media platforms. It’s not just the nitty gritty ads, but the general visibility of the company.

#4 Shopable Social Network Messages

One of the major 2020 digital marketing stories was the SproutSocial report that showed that 46 percent of Instagram users bought one or more items that were placed in a promoted IG article in front of them.

As a channel for eCommerce purchases, we expect social networking sites to boom. There would be more simpler and easier integrations to enable consumers to finish their order without leaving the app.

Could companies sell on a social networking portal exclusively? It has yet to be seen… so someone is bound to try!

#5 SEO for Voice Search

The next field in SEO is voice scan. More and more people choose to speak into their search bars instead of sort. Some use voice-activated Ai systems on their workstations or even use their mobile phones as walkie-talkies.

SEO experts found that voice searches deliver different outcomes than text searches. In order to grab some of the organic market share, we anticipate 2021 to set off a Gold Rush to crack the SEO code for voice quest.

#6 SEO for Image Search

Search engine marketing is heading out of the word domain and into the picture and video domain, due to Google’s innovative image-recognition AI algorithm.

Just the beginning was Google Reverse-Image Search. Users will also type photos into Google to obtain several contexts.

To figure out if the plant is toxic, they might snap a plant photo and insert the image as a quest. Or they could upload the Instagram image of a buddy and geo-target the glorious “fear-of-missing-out”-inducing snap to its exact spot.

Another source of traffic for digital marketers to break into and insert their client products is image-searching.