When the marketing and SEO experts are making campaign set ups they should keep in mind several common mistakes and try to avoid them, if they want their Bing Ads to be excellent and to reach their goal – bring more clicks and thus more clients. The mistakes associated with the Bing Ads can be found in every account. That is why once you read this article, better go through the Bing Ad campaign again and make sure you get rid of these common mistakes, if found.

1. Forgetting to review the uploads on Google Adwords.

With the Bing Ads platform the uploading of the Google AdWords campaigns is very easy. In fact, most of the advertisers first make their pay per click campaigns in Google and then upload them on the platform of Bing Ad through the migration tool of Google Adwords. The expert needs to download the campaign from Google Adwords into an Excel file and then simply upload that file on the editor software of Bing Ads. For faster results the two accounts for pay per click can be connected.

2. Not being careful with the campaign settings.
Each account should have specific settings on certain elements in the account such as ads, keywords, bids, etc. In case the campaign settings are not correctly done, this may result in worse performance or in limits in the overall volume. What to be careful about – the mobile modifiers should correspond to the current device strategy and the scheduling of the ad campaign is important.

3. Careful with the Syndicated Search Partner Network. This network can bring low quality traffic that will not offer good results in the end. The default setting is directing the campaign to the partner network and this setting has to be changed by hand, so that the ad groups can target the yahoo and Bing search. Once the change is done, the ads will appear on Yahoo and Bing only and not on the whole network for search partner.

4. Not applying Ad extensions.
The Bing Ad extensions should also be applied and these include product extensions and call extensions. When making online sells, the product extensions on the Bing Ads are of great importance.

5. Not applying auto tagging.
The auto tagging is a new feature that could be used with the Bing Ads. In the past the SEO experts needed to do tags manually on all URLs, in order to popularize the Bing data with the Google Analytics. Needless to say, the manual tagging is consuming time and energy and is also open to errors that can result in inconsistency of data. Now the experts can chose apply the setting of the auto tagging.

With all those errors being avoided, the SEO and marketing experts can now do their ad campaigns in such a way as to make most of the pay per click budget that is available. Once the proper knowledge is put into practice and the common mistakes are avoided, this will lead to good results.