Some experts say that Bing is expected to soon lose its search market share and Bing will get huge gains out of that. The operating system of Microsoft Windows 10 has the potential to bring significant gains for the Bing search engine. The new operating system will do so by placing Bing at the front and this is expected to increase the usage of Bing as a search engine with up to 15 % by September.

That is very good news for those website owners that advertise in Bing, as there will be a serious increase in the reach of the holiday campaigns. It is expected the gain to come from new users, and also from current users, who are expected to be tempted to use more frequently the Bing search engine due to the changes made in Windows 10.

Windows 10 New Desktop Search Bar

The new desktop search bar of Windows 10 comes with its own search engine Bing, as well as with the assistant Cortana, which is voice-activated. New features will be added too and they will also add to the increase of Bing searchers. Some of these new features include the option for text highlighting, and more importantly search in certain highlighted text.

The search engine Bing will be very easy to use as it will be available on different iOS and Android devices through the Cortana app. Microsoft will bring its search assistant to Microsoft, hoping to attract the attention of many new users.

Cortana app can fulfill various queries and not only search queries. It is characterized by good functionality between the devices and that fact allows it to connect with the Windows PC and keep the information sync across all devices that someone uses. This process and integration on many devices can lead to a serious search engine growth. Yet, since Windows 10 is new, its future is still uncertain but soon we will all see what the Bing growth means.

Bing Ads

The home page of Bing Ads now includes comparative metrics for certain periods as well as customizable modules. These new additions have bed added to the Bing Ads Home Page which was launched in May. The custom modules the user can customize the way the data is displayed through the filters. When a filter is created and saved on the page of the campaign, it will appear as an optional new module. The period to period comparison allows the user to make a quick comparison of the performances and which of them are useful.

There is also another new feature and it is a digital resource which allows the marketers to see the audience that thy have reached. This new feature has been created by the digital resource for marketers. This new feature will show a breakdown on the Bing audience in USA based on demographic features like gender and age, household income, etc. The data can also include education and health, retail and technology, and even travel preferences. Currently that information is available only for the US users, but there are plans for international coverage.