Yes, let the people steal the original content on your website but teach them how to do that correctly and that will bring benefits to your company. In other words, in the world of online marketing we all live in, the republishing of good content can be positive or negative depending on how it is don and when it is done.

The correct stealing of content means that the owner of that content is willing that to happen and is allowing other people to republish it. The publisher does that by making it ok for the content to be republished. That can happen with an embed code or by giving permission when asked. All other cases are considered stealing of the content with no consent from the authors.

To Steal Or Not to Steal… Content

There are pros and cons when content steal is in question. Here are some thoughts that the specialists from Ideal Visibility would like to share.

The positive side of content stealing:

  • The content reaches more people and that is the main reason behind content managers allowing republishing. The more the content is published, the more people see it and that brings more recognition of the brand.
  • The republishing of the content brings more traffic and new people finding out about the brand.
  • The search engine optimization can get a natural link. The links back to the original website improves the SEO.
  • That is the easiest way for the content to be promoted.

The negative side of content stealing:

  • Sometimes the republished content can outrank the authors. This is the main negative side to that approach. When a successful website republishes your content, there is a possibility for the SERPs the republished content to outrank the original content. If that happens, the traffic will go to the result that shows first.
  • There is a possibility for spam websites to republish and ruin the SEO. Link to a spam website can hurt your SEO.

 How To Teach People To Steal Correctly

Many users say that they do not steal content as the search engines will find that as duplicate content. The websites that want the users to steal that content but do it correctly can do so in several simple steps:

  • Include an embed Code and make that obvious.
  • Make an announcement about the republishing.
  • Place a note about republishing in the “About Us” section

Some people think that stealing content is always acceptable as long as there is a backlink. The backlinks are nice, but that does not mean that all publishers will be ok with that. Those content writers that do not wish their work to be stolen, should check their content through CopyScape. Using this excellent tool is also a fantastic way for the content managers to find new opportunities. After all, those that steal the content are usually those interested in the business. Often, it might be interesting to reach out to thse people and discuss new opportunities.