Recently, there has been a rise in the use of AI, with marketers starting to spend a lot on LinkedIn. What of Google sending emails, claiming to manage campaigns?

Reddit Rolls out CPC Ads

Recently, Reddit made an announcement that it has the intention to launch CPC- cost-per-click ads. Many may not know that CPC ads didn’t exist on this platform before. The formats for the ads would consist of promoted posts, as well as links.

CPC ads may be used on a lot of platforms, but for Reddit to decide to incorporate it recently, it means that they are taking some steps towards innovation. Brands that have already jumped into this new feature are Hired, Kabam and Wayfair.

AI Is Becoming a “Way of Life” for Sales

A lot of persons that are involved in sales have found out that AI improved the role of the sales rep, making it a lot more efficient. Gabe Larsen of VP, and coauthor for the study, ‘State of Artificial Intelligence for Sales & Marketing/2018 Report’, also shares similar thoughts.

This study went on to buttress that AI has taken a lot more mainstream roles. A survey of persons showed that nine percent felt that with the rate AI was going, it would soon totally take the place of humans.

Out of those asked, about ninety percent felt that AI enhances the performance of sales. About seventy percent were making use of a kind of AI system in their workplace.

About twelve percent made use of AI every time workplace.

Close to 12% said they use AI “all the time” at work.

AI has gone to enhance the performance of sales rep through the following:

It increased content and messaging by 32%. It improved on contacting and qualification by 38%, as well as lead scoring and prioritization by 43%.

AI is capable of collecting and analyzing a great deal of data, in a bid to seek patterns, while offering recommendations to brands. With these recommendations, they can have a competitive advantage over their rivals.

 81% of People Think Less of a Brand If Its Website Is Outdated

One thing that a lot of brands tend to forget is to regularly upgrade their websites. The website acts as the brand image of your company, and when visitors feel your website is outdated, they tend to rush to your competitors. That’s the basic truth. Clients judge the book by the cover, and they have no time to start looking for the content you possess. If they don’t like what their eyes see, they take their business somewhere else.

The way your website looks is the way that prospects take your brand. If they think your website is bad, they start to feel that the product or website that you offer will be bad too.

A survey was done in the U.S. that involved thousands of persons felt the same too.

Based on the survey, 81% felt that a brand was inferior if its website was out of shape and outdated.

39% said that they would think twice before they try to purchase from a brand with an outdated website.

Let’s burst your bubble. About a third of those that participated in the survey said that they become annoyed with any website that doesn’t come with a search box.

About forty percent felt that search box is one feature of a website that shouldn’t be ignored by brands. This survey was done by Blue Fountain Media.

 Almost 70% of Consumers Say Page Speed Affects Purchasing Decisions

Well, I am not surprised by this because no one loves to wait a long time for a page to load. No one. This is one reason that smart brands ensure that their pages load very quickly. The time that would have been spent loading a page could irritate a visitor to the extent that he or she decides to opt for your competitors. The world is fast paced, and no one likes to wait.

A study done by Ubounce showed that seventy percent of clients say that the speed of the website determines if they will purchase from a brand or not.

The same study stated that about three percent of marketers felt that increasing the speed of the page was one of their priorities in the year 2019.

This study may leave a lot of marketers surprised. The speed load of a page usually averages fifteen seconds. It is important as a marketer, your page speed should be increased.

Marketers Are Shifting Ad Spend to LinkedIn

It seems that of recent, marketers are now opting for LinkedIn when advertising is concerned, from the usual Twitter and Facebook. This report was published by DigiDay.

This survey showed that about forty-two percent of media buyers nursed the plans of increasing their spendings on LinkedIn. About forty-seven want to leave their LinkedIn budgets with the same amount.

It is said that a reason marketers may be spending a lot more on LinkedIn ads is that those ads are not affordable. Many marketers are of the opinion that the large amount spent comes with a high ROI because of the myriad of targeting features that LinkedIn has. This has made LinkedIn ads drive a lot of quality ads than other platforms.

It is said that the five figures that get expended on LinkedIn ads bring returns of six figures. This was stated by Foursquare.

Google: Don’t Put “Organization” Markup on Every Page

According to John Mueller of Google, it is important that as you make use of the schema markup to intimate those common search engines about your brand, you do not place “Organization” markup in every page that your website has.

When a person inquired from John where ‘Organization’ markup should be placed in, he said that it can be in any place on your website as long as you don’t place it on every page.

It can be placed on your contact page or home page, but ensure that it is not placed on the footer or header. If it is placed there, it will show on every page, which should be avoided. John went on to say that making use of “Organization” markup had no effect on Google search.

Google Will Manage Your Google Ads Campaigns Unless You Opt Out

This seems to be too good to be real, but let’s analyse it. Google Ads is currently sending messages to users that it is capable of managing their campaigns. According to them, their Google Ads experts are capable of doing this, unless you decide not to allow them. Based on what their emails read, they claimed that they will ensure your campaigns are focused on while allowing you to spend more time on your business.

It seems too incredulous because no one can understand your business like you. Google may have great staffers, but will they be able to do what they say?

The email went on to say that it is not guaranteeing better results if you allow them to manage your campaigns.