There are certain things that on should know when one wants to advertise the website or the business for searches made through the Yahoo search engine or Bing search engine. So, what is Bing Ads?

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is the advertising platform that the search engines Yahoo and Bing use, including their network of partners such as Amazon, Facebook, WebMD, Monster, Viacom, CNBC, etc. When the ad experts bid on the proper search terms, the ad is being shown only to people who have real interest towards the product. Then, the ad is being paid for only when someone clicks on it and then visits the website. This means that with the Bing Ads, the users can make most of their money spend on advertising. The users who are looking for a wide reach should use Google as it has the largest share of the internet searches, yet as less people use Bing to place their ads at, the competition is smaller and the amount paid is less.

The Cost of the Bing Ads

The setting of the Bing Ad account is easy and the user gets a free coupon fat the amount of 50 USD. It also allows direct import of the ad, if the user has already created Google Adwords campaign.

How to Make the Perfect Bing Ad

The making of the good pay per click ads is possible if a few important tips are applied:

  • Use the proper search terms
  • Describe why your product or service is different
  • Do not use offensive words
  • Address the clients directly
  • Be specific
  • Use call to action

The advertising campaign on Bing Ad should come with a name, a budget and a targeted location. The name of the campaign is important since multiple campaigns can be arranged. The daily advertising budget should also be set and it will depend on how competitive the market can get. Naturally, there is a difference if the business is in a small town somewhere in the United States, or is in the metropolis city of New York.

The location targeting option is also important, as the ad should reach the people that search in the area for certain specific terms. This is a very important feature for businesses that are directed to people who live in a certain area. In fact, the size of the search market bid here shall depend on the specific competitiveness on the market. The distribution of the ad can be on the search network and on the content network and naturally can be on both networks.

Additional Options

Besides all those advanced options there are a few additional ones that should be mentioned. These include:

  • Ability to set specific dates and times for your ads to run
  • Ability to target the types of devices on which your ads will show
  • Gender targeting

All these additional options can be changed later on when the user gets more information and metrics and can tailor-make one’s ad. Once the ad is set and is paid for, the experts can track its performance and them optimize it to their needs.