There are some content marketing tips which are very useful, but often neglected. By reading these advices by Ideal Visibility, the SEO specialists can easily turn into SEO gurus. Which are the useful and easy to implement content marketing tips? Find out below!

  1. Check for Blog Topics in the Email Inbox. The content marketers get many emails with various comments, suggestions, inquiries, etc. Some of these topics pop up again and again. The content marketers can use these questions or comments and turn them into a good topic for a blog post on the company website, which will obviously interest the audience. Such a blog post will make the company look more reliable and will provide the consumer with valuable information, showing them that their concerns have been taken into consideration.

  1. Embed Videos. Various studies have proven that blogs that have videos embedded are more likely to get additional hits and shares than the posts that do not have videos. So, it is a great idea for the content marketer to use the available educational videos made by the company and use them into blog posts. This would be an additional way for the users to consume the content offered and a great option for the website to reach a greater audience.
  1. Make Videos.The companies that have no videos to embed should make some! The content marketer should think of various topics that could be interesting to the audience. People will always like to share interesting topics and thus drive traffic to the company’s website.
  1. Tell an Interesting Story.The great stories send a powerful message and are remembered by the audience. The successful content managers spend time to consider what their company cares about and find a way to add that to the content marketing they produce. A story telling how the product or service provides comfort, happiness and safety is the best way for reaching the hearts of the clients.
  1. Pay attention to the questions asked.The clients are always flattered when a company pays attention to their questions or problems.  It means that their opinion matters. Today it is no longer enough to have a great product. Attention towards the clients is also taken into consideration. So, the content managers should consider the questions they will be asked by the clients and answer them in a blog post. This will stablish them as experts.
  1. Think about the Marketing. The SEO managers should make sure that they are providing a good product. There should be a place where to promote that product and do that wisely.
  1. Use Pinterest. Pinterest is often overlooked as a social media platform but that is a mistake. In fact, Pinterest can boost the business to a new level. The content managers can do so by creating interesting articles, link them to the infographics and then post them on the Pinterest platform.
  1. Recycle content.The great content published needs to be reused through tweets, infographics and other means. There is also the so called “evergreen content”, which remains interesting no matter when published.
  1. Know the audience.Knowing the audience is the key to success. The content marketing today can make things personal and everyone can feel special and paid attention to. The great content marketers know how to customize the content they create.