8 Facts That Will Make You Reconsider Your PPC Strategy

8 Facts That Will Make You Reconsider Your PPC Strategy

Certain facts that have become available recently have made us rethink the PPC strategy that we use. As we believe that there is a very strong power in the remarketing and reconsideration of the entire PPC marketing strategy, we have collected and explain these ten facts here on this article.

1. Over the time, the Remarketing Conversion Rates Increase.
Those who do not fancy the remarketing are quite conservative with the membership duration and the impression frequency caps. Yet, the fact is that the conversion rates increase the more users see the ads during the remarketing campaigns. Naturally, the click through rates decline over time, yet the people number of the people who clock in the ad after they have seen it several times go up. Since people are very busy, remarketing is a reminder they get for the brand they like.

2. The Remarketing Creep Factor is Overblown.
If the clients are bored or mad from the ads they will not bother click on them. Yet, f thy are interested, a remarketing is a good way to remind them about the brand. The research made confirms that people stay interested in the remarketing ads.

3. The Best Reach Offered by Google and Facebook.
Google Display Network and Facebook are currently providing the greatest reach when the remarketing campaigns are in place. Google reaches 90% of the internet users worldwide, and 65% of these users, they reach every day. At the same time Facebook reaches more than 1.4 billion users. This means that both platforms are incredibly powerful.

4. Brand Building Benefits from the Powerful Remarketing.
Building a brand is not easy using just the organic search and the paid search ads as the texts are limited in size and they do not support the other visual elements of the brand. The remarketing offers a very good way for rebuilding of the brand. The remarketing campaigns can be very aggressive and can convert people into trying the product offered. These campaigns can increase the repeat visitors, boost the conversion, increase the time spent on the website and make visitors take action.

5. The Powerful CRO Tool.
The conventional marketing funnel is an outdated concept for CRO. Nowadays the consumers can come on the funnel at any stage and they do not need to be on a certain image or click. The new ad formats used during the remarketing process can cut out the funnel sections.

6. The Search Ads has Highest Conversion with Display Ads Behind Them
The search ads have the highest conversion rates and they are followed by the display ads due to remarketing, social ad targeting, etc.

7. The Remarketing Clicks are Very Cheap.
The search ads in the very competitive industries usually cost a lot of money per. At the same time, the display and social remarketing ad clicks cost 2 to 100 times less.

8. Facebook and Twitter Remarketing – Very Powerful.
Experts say that only 2-4% of the remarketing cookie pool will convert into leads and sales. This is where the super-remarketing is applied as it allows filtering of the remarketing cookie pool which is based on numerous social media demographic targeting options and further – recent purchase history and interests. At that point Super-Remarketing is only supported on the ad platforms of Twitter and Facebook, but may be Google will also offer something in the near future.

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