The SEO and PPC experts know that when thy double the conversion rates this results in cuts on the cost per acquisition. These funds can be used on raising the bids, improving the click-through rate and the average ad position.

A fantastic place to start here is changing the bid amounts by using the Search Terms Report in order to spot the negative keywords. It is the landing page optimization that needs to be taken into consideration. That is why this post will focus on the PPC landing pages. The following tips will help the website owners improve their campaigns and boost their conversion rates.

  1. Keep the Things Simple.

The landing page should be kept very simple. The PPC experts and website owners should always ask themselves if the visitors need all the information posted or should they be made to take action. They should test whether the short-form pages with little content or the long-form pages with plenty of content will be better. Testing is the best approach here. Getting people to take action is what the websites should be aimed at. It should be simple, easy and straightforward.

  1. Make Tests.

The CRO and PPC experts say that the next thing to be done is to make tests. This means that the new headlines, ad groups, keywords, ad copies, etc. should all be tested. Tests should be made for the new landing pages as well. On the landing pages everything matters – the color scheme, the size of the letters, the font, the pictures used, the quotes.

  1. Set the Keywords with the Ad Copy.

The third step is to match the landing page content with the ad copy available on which the visitors click. The landing pages should be matched with the ad copy used and this brings very good results. This offers a very good alignment between the content on the landing page and the ad copy.

As the CRO and PPC experts will tell you is that the simple the landing age design is, the better and easier it is to match the headline with the ad copy.

  1. Try Different Things.

Different things should always be tried – different landing pages, different designs, different content. This will make the website stand out and differ from the rest. The thinking and actions that are outside the box always pay off.

  1. Bring the Visitors to the Right Page.

And… this is not the Homepage. Sending the visitors to the homepage might be the biggest advertising mistake when it comes to PPC landing pages. The homepage is designed for many different website visitors. Those clients that are interested should get a link. A page for learning more about the company is also needed. The pay per click visitors are in search for specific things and losing them is not an option. These visitors should be sent to the correct and streamlined PPC landing page that is focused on making the visitors fill out a form and get access to a buyer’s guide.