Blogging is among the best ways to promote a business and there is no doubt about that. The companies that use blogs get 80 % more visits that the companies that do not and that is a proven fact. In addition, the businesses that have more than 200 total blog posts usually get 6 times more traffic to their website than those that have under 20 blog posts. The blog posts can acquire many new visits through email and RSS, through organic search, through referral links and direct activity. Additional source of traffic are the social media channels and the sharing process and thus a sharing button under the post is a very good idea and a useful tip. Below are described several ways used by the team of Ideal Visibility to get a blog post to be successfully promoted on the social media (all to be done carefully):

If you are not sure which to use, ask for assistance.

1. Mentioning the Authorities that are cited and included in the post.
That is a simple step that relies on the ego. It is always worth it to mention the authorities or the tools that have been cited in the blog post. By mentioning people, the blogger will draw their attention and that will provoke them to share the post and that post to reach a large audience.

2. Use other Popular Blog Posts for the needs of your blog post.
The idea here is to find and use blog posts that share the same idea as yours and that are popular currently. In that way the blogger will bring attention to the new post.

3. Make Charts for the Posts.
Well, that is done if possible. The blog posts that have digits in their titles are almost twice as possible to be shared. Thus, if the post has statistics or any kinds of surveys, write a compelling title and get more traffic. The graphs and charts images will further help the post to be shared.

4. Partner With Another Author.
The aim here is to widen your reach. If the blogger works with another author who has followers of his own, that will increase the reach that the blog post will get.

5. Retweet The People That Share The Post.
This is a simple tip that brings a lot of profit. By retweeting the followers who have shared the blog post, the author is giving them credit and is showing goodwill. That can be done by monitoring the activity around the blog post and the shares and then retweeting.

6. Make The Title a Question.
Titles that are questions have a great effect. The questions make the reader want to find out the answer and reading the post. The questions can be done in various ways, so be creative.

7. Provoke Participation.
The bloggers can also invite the readers to participate – What do you think? Which is your way to do that?, etc.

8. Share Some Facts From The Post.
Share an interesting statistics or a quote from the post. That is an action to make more people read the entire post to find out more.

9. Re-Share the Post Once a related News is Published.
Sometimes the blog post does not come in the right moment. That is why when the right moment occurs, the blog post can be shared again.

10. Provoke Comment Discussion.
If the blog post is provocative, encourage a discussion in the comments.