Many updates and various changes are becoming valid these days and the majority of them are from Facebook. At the same time YouTube and Pinterest announced that they have made major adjustments on their platforms. Pinterest has integrated with the Google Maps, while YouTube has introduced the YouTube Red, which is a video watching experience with no ads. Changes are also available on Twitter, and Instagram. Let’s see a list with the Top 10 social medial updates that became valid in October 2015 and keep them all in mind when we want to use the social media for our needs.

Facebook Updates
Change 1. Facebook has replaced its ‘Other inbox’ with the Message Requests, which are far more noticeable. The task of the Other inbox was to contain messages from people that the person has no connection with on Facebook. Yet, these messages were often seen as spam and users did not have a chance to see them.

Change 2. Facebook has also made searchable the entire index of public posts. In the past, our search on Facebook covered only results from our friends, family and the pages we follow. Now it covers results from all users that have published the certain word. Naturally, this makes things far easier.

Change 3. The third change is associated with the fact that users with iOS app on Facebook will have access to content that is published through the Instant Articles. These Instant Articles will also be highlighted in the News Feed with a lightning icon set on the post’s top right corner. These articles will load 10 times faster than the standard article.

Change 4. Some of the key features that are native to the mobile app of YouTube will now be set on Facebook videos. The most notable feature here is the option to collapse a video into a window that is floating.

Change 5. Profile enhancements have also been made. They offer more opportunities for people to express themselves on the largest social network.

Change 6. Instagram has launched a new official account. It has been named @instagramforbusiness. The purpose is to share business tips and case studies.

Change 7. Pinterest now has Place Pins which provides directions to various locations that are pinned on Google Maps.

Change 8. Google has started reindexing tweets in real-time and thus the organic search traffic on desktop is up 20% in the last six months once this started.

Change 9. The support team of Twitter has announced in October that the number of the accounts that can be followed is now 5 000. This is a serious increase compared to the 2000 accounts in the past.

Change 10. Now in order to meet the demands of the YouTube viewers, YouTube company has launched a new subscription called YouTube Red. This new service is available since 28th October and is free of ads. The new experience is designed to offer the viewers what they want, mainly ad-free videos with offline viewing options.