The strong and successful PPC campaign for lead generation is not about the traffic. It is about the hard cash that is generated from it. When on a budget, companies that want to get very good results and achieve competitive and quality pay per click lead generation, should have the following ten things that will ensure the flow of work.

1. The Landing Page Has To Be First Priority.
The pay per click campaigns should focus on the landing page. The pay per click traffic should go not to the home page, but to the targeted landing page which will have the proper images, keywords, phrases, and calls to action that will outline all the benefits of the product and will make the visitor make the call.

2. The Testing.
Designing an awesome page is not easy, but with many tests the right formula for conversion rate optimization could be reached. The tests made should be on the headlines and the content, on the images and colors, on the testimonials, and also on the action buttons, on the form fields, etc.

3. Know Your Audience.
For successful PPC Lead Generation, the websites should be aware of their clients and the keywords they should use to reach them. The good PPC managers set tests before they run their campaigns, thus using the keywords that convert leads. Thus, the managers should make an initial keyword search and consult with the clients which are the keywords that should be bid on.

4. Broad Match and Modifier.
Since the PPC campaign is on a budget, the managers should make most of the ads. That is why the wise thing to do here is to use a broad match but also a modifier which will allow a focus on the right phrases. So, the PPC managers should not bid on broad phrases, but on specific ones and this will bring better results.

5. The Content Should Match the Keywords.
When the correct keywords are found then the PPC managers should make sure that these keywords match the website content. The right ads should reach the right ad groups. In other words the specific target groups should get the information they need and should be encouraged to call.

6. Pay Attention to the Search.
Focus on the search and on the qualified leads. The managers should stick in the search in order to ensure that the leads collected come from people who are truly interested in the information.

7. Adwords and Analytics Configuration To Set Up Conversions.
The analytics should be configured with Adwords, with the conversions and goals set properly and tracked in order to prove that everything should be properly working.

8. After Adwords and Analytics Events Track the Phone Leads.
Tracking the lead-generating options, is one way for the client understands the work done for his company.

9. Use Bing.
Bing should also be paid attention to and not just Google. This is especially valid if working on a small pay per click budget.

10. Follow Up the Ads Performance and Retarget them, if needed.
Retargeting is also important if the ads are not performing very well. So, do not be lazy, but see the results and change the ads if required.